Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tumultuous Times at TVNZ

Helen Clark herself has had the finger pointed at her for leaking Judy Bailey's $800,000 salary.

In extraordinary testimony to the Select Committee looking at the shambles we call the TVNZ (politically appointed) Board the outgoing CEO has anchored the leaks to Helen Clark and Heather Simpson.

Director Dame Ann Hercus has resigned (and this time managed to get it to stick) and the heat is now on a relatively new Board member John Goulter, who Ian Fraser alleges is at the centre of the latest leaks on managerial competence. Goulter has the pedigree - when CEO at Auckland Airport he had one bit of paper on his desk - the names of all VIP's due to fly through "his" airport that day. I understand he unfailing met Helen Clark when she was travelling through - nice personal touch!

Of course we know the PM has form as well - who leaked to the SST unhelpful (to the victim) allegations on Peter Doone? A Policeman Clark wanted rid of? Clark has bestrode this road well and frequently.

The strategy worked last time - methinks she may have kicked the tar-baby once too often. This hearing is going to get messier. The mess will be ugly.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Omerta stifles 'El Jefe' Field corruption enquiry.

Aaron B today outlines the situation with the enquiry by Noel Ingram QC. Basically Ingram QC cannot complete his enquiry - witnesses have clammed up. This suggests they are 'pleading the 5th'. Not a good look for Clark's Government.

As Aaron states - rather than spend any more time on this the facts (as known) should be handed straight to the Police or the SFO. Those bodies have stronger powers than the QC who is contrained by a H1 terms of reference designed to bury matters deep...

Another suggestion - Select Committee enquiry - not perfect but could be interesting.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Worrying Signs about NCEA

Just as we thought NZQA had a handle on standards and what parents and employers expect from NCEA, comes disturbing information students are choosing to do only the minimum amount of work to "pass" the NCEA....

Now I thought there was no "pass". The NCEA was to be a a record of what the student has learned and the standard they learned it to or could apply their learnings. It was a part of "life-long learning".

It would appear that there is a "Pass" and surprise surprise students do whatever it takes to jump the hurdle. Nothing more. This fact is not news. The result of students setting new lows of performance, alarming Heads and Principals across the country, is that many students are inadequately prepared for University. The reason for the comprehensive NCEA qualification is to prepare these people for further education and life in general. Seems all they do is cherry pick the easy stuff.

University is where you actually have to cover ALL the course work to pass. The Universities are struggling as they assume minimum standards for incoming students. Universities are having to take additional time and resource to educate these students before they can train them.

NZQA seems to have failed our students again.

Clark is accused of fradulently signing a painting - her electorate secretary destroys the evidence. Spin and denial from the 9th floor. The secretary is offered up to take the bullet.

Clark is accused of speeding through south Canterbury to get to a rugby match. Spin and denials from the 9th floor. Never happened, Hide is dreaming, whatever happened was not unsafe. etc etc. Ultimately heat is too much and Police investigate. Clark's DPS and civilian drivers take the bullet in a criminal court. Clark still denying any culpability.

Benson-Pope lies in the House to accusations he bullied students in his care. Strong denials, never happened, Hide is wrong etc etc. Students come out on the record. BePop - protected by Clark and her hand maiden Wilson from proper scrutiny.

Police investigate BePop and find prima facie case.

I can't remember what happened...

Spin, denials, and another public servant (Press Secretary) takes the bullet for the Minister.

This is a corrupt regime we have in New Zealand. If corruption stands for saying or doing whatever it takes to remain in power.

The MSM have woken from their 6 year slumber and are now openly critical of Clark and her reportoire of dissembling tricks. SST's Helen Bain has a good description of how H1 and H2 run the spin machine.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Scorching Fisking of Clark and Benson-Pope in DomPost Editorial

Today's DomPost has summarised the complete situation with David Benson-Pope in an excoriating editorial, regarding his and Clark's actions following the Police Report into the allegations that years ago he brutalised students in his care and that he has mislead Parliment.

The DomPost tears shreds off both Miss Clark and Mr Benson-Pope. The article tests the police case against the known facts. Clark and Benson-Pope have hit the bottom. There will be no bounce. The fisking is delightful for a rightie to read. Finally getting some objectivity from the MSM.

Maybe they (MSM) will even feel brave enough (now they have set the context) to revisit the Paintergate files well summarised by Sir Humphrey's during the election - SH was given OIA access to key (and incriminating) files.

The best line in the DomPost regarding Clark saying she was setting new standards...

"She may be right, but these are not new standards. They are old standards that the public is all too familiar with – scapegoating, obfuscation and patch protection."

As you have read here before Clark is a mistress at scapegoating, obsfuscation and job protection. As we has seen before Officials are then lined up to take the shot - BePops Press Secretary is being will be great when he says he was acting under instructions - Be-Pops or better still H1 or H2 (more likely)

There will shortly be a shortage of candidates to work for these sanctimonious, self-serving Ministries and Ministers - the thinking ones will look for safer past-times.

The Clark Regime is rotten

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who Was Benson-Pope's Sidekick on his travels to the House?

The Attorney-General that's who. Watch him as well. There is a malicious set of hands if ever I saw them. Hon David Parker is the name attached to the face.
Benson-Pope's Latest Fraud

Tonight on One News - Benson-Pope says the selective leaking of the positive sections of the Police Report that revealed his bullying and criminal behaviour while a school teacher is now a personnel matter!!!!. That snivelling, shirker now has the gall to suggest the leaks are the unauthorised work of his Press Secretary...puhlease. That man has to go. He is destroying all around him. His arrogance and conceit is breathtaking.

The man has gone completely to ground in recent days. Avoiding all contact with the media. The HoS released a faintly hagiographic piece praising the crim and he now claims he had no knowledge or authorisation of it? This was the singleminded initiative of the Press Secretary? - talk about stick out like dogs balls. Or should I say a tennis ball in a mouth.

He is a disgrace - to teaching, the Labour party and the honour of being a Cabinet Minister.
NZ Herald has Lifted the Scales from their Eyes

In a remarkable turnaround the Herald's coverage of BePop and his guileless denials, hamfisted attempts at media manipulation (his actions are beyond the bounds of political spin) and blatant lying in the House may indicate a tipping point. Finally we are getting some objectivity in New Zealand's largest Daily...No longer do they feel they have to go with Helen Clark's spin. Perhaps the stench of a rotten and out-of-date regime has become too much.

ps Neither BePop nor his leaderette had the guts to turn up on Radio Left Wing this morning. BePop sent his QC - and he is also a tricky piece of work.

Isn't is great when we have a Government that 'fronts up'

As Rodney Hide said this morning on RLW - Clark is setting new standards in Government - Indeed!

p.s. John Armstrong stings BePop- long may it continue
PPTA Shows Unedifying Bias

The PPTA have criticised Allan Peachey for the inappropriate comments he made in an email. Comments Peachey has accepted were inappropriate AND he has apologised unreservedly. Remember this was an exchange between two adults

Contrast that with Benson-Pope - absolute and deafening silence from the PPTA regarding the inappropriate behaviour by a teacher. The PPTA have made no comment. We can take from the silence the PPTA accepts bullying and thuggery (of children in his care), lying and cheating as behaviours acceptable - but the PPTA don't accept a post script on an email between clear (and adult) adversaries.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Strong Evidence Benson-Pope Assaulted Students in his Care

Stuff has the facts from the now released report. It is obvious B-P's contrived and selective releases over the weekend were an attempt to camouflage the issues or create a smoke screen. He has not succeeded and is now dog tucker. He continues to break the first law of holes (with thanks to Canary in the Mine).

How lame is it to claim that while 9 people in the class independently corroborated he stuffed the tennis balls in Weaver's mouth and taped his hands to the desk, it was not a majority of the class and he is therefore, somehow, exonerated...huh?

Remember the first law of evidence is that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Whaleoil has the report links - and highlights a section where 50-60% of the class confirmed B-P's tennis ball in the mouth fetish. B-P effectively agrees it happened by seeking an indication of how long it went on for - Suspicious Minds as Elvis sang. We can't Go the next line - take it away BePop.
Benson-Pope is a Disgrace

Last week we understood Benson-Pope was seeking to have 'personal details' removed from the Police file that found a prima facie case of assault against the bullying teacher.

This morning after denials and U-turns Benson-Pope's office admit he (yes, Benson-Pope himself) leaked sections of the file to selected media - long before the file itself was released.

This is disgraceful conduct by a Cabinet Minister. He should go. In a British Cabinet he would not make lunch time.

The plan was to hope no-one read the whole thing. No chance now. He is a lame duck and the dogs are circling. Clark is showing extremely poor judgment by continuing to support him. The spin this weekend was run out of her office.

We now know why Benson-Pope and Clark sought to hold the file the back - they wanted to control absolutely, the roll-out of a Police file. They really do think there is one law for Labour Ministers and one for the rest of us. Speeding, painting, bullying, assault - whatever.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Coddington Turns our High Commissioner to the Court of St James into York Hunt

With her rapier Deborah Coddington eviscerates the Rt Hon Jonathan Hunt. In a delicious piece she spares him not - and deservedly so.

Worth a read.

Hat-Tip David Farrar