Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sean Plunket Suspended?

OneNews reports tonight that Plunket has been suspended because of a "fiery interview" with Jeanette Fitzsimons this morning.

Well, well, well. I heard that interview and I thought that for once Plunket was not letting a Leftie avoid answering questions or get away with disengenuous or mendacious answers.

Seems his objectivity is shortlived - Radio Left Wing has cut him down.

Democracy and Freedom of Speech are under real attack. With Ministers assaulting placard holders who may stray into the range of TV cameras on the Beloved Leader and Plunket straying off message the world is changing.

Update: Listen to the mpeg of the interview and form your own judgement on objectivity. For the record Fitzsimons was being very evasive and disengenuous in her expostulations which Plunket (reasonably in my view) asked her to back up - she didn't. That is why Plunket pursued her. Brownlee by contrast did not make outrageous and or unsubstantiated statements. He was able to get his point across - truthfully. His point - Labour is hypocritical in complaining about the Brethren support for National given the vast resources the Unions deploy to get Labour re-elected - expenditure that is not (and not required to be) accounted for under the electoral act. Hat Tip: Berend

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to make quite clear that the Greens neither lodged a formal complaint nor asked that disciplinary action be taken against Mr Plunket. While we felt his treatment of the issue was unbalanced - he was much more aggressive with Jeanette than Gerry Brownlee - we would never have suggested that an interviewer should be benched during an election campaign as a result. I personally think RNZ's decision is a rather odd overreaction.