Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pot Kettle Black

Labour's latest attempt to charge National's account with additional election expenditure is interesting on two counts.

1. Labour has been unable to refute the claims made in the pamphlets - and not liking the contents seek to kill the messenger. The vigour of Labour's attack - rousing grumpy dog Williams from his spot in front of the fire - is intriguing - sore point is it Mike? Labour's results in Health are risible.

2. Labour's sheer and breathtaking hypocrisy. Labour has a vast army of lackeys in the trade union movement actively working the Labour treadmill - letter drops, pamphlets on how to fill out a ballot paper (the Labour way of course) - none of that expendiutre is against Labour election returns. See my earlier blog on this

National yesterday distributed a wad of union literature which urges members to vote Labour and instructs voters how to fill in ballot papers to support a Labour-led centre-left government.

It included newsletters from the Council of Trade Unions, the Public Service Association, the Amalgamated Workers Union, the Educational Institute and the Service and Food Workers Union - which was authorised by its national secretary Darien Fenton, who is a Labour candidate.
NZ Herald 6/9/05
As I opened - Pot Kettle Black

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