Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labour Wrong Again

How many more stuff ups will we see from Labour?

One News tonight that the pamphlets that got Labour all hot and bothered are the work of the non-political (till now anyway) Exclusive Brethern must have Labour sweating blood.

What a laugh. After Clark, Cullen and Williams assured us this morning this was an evil National front organisation (and don't tell me Clark's semantics were accidental - the Left is all about word association) One News finds it is not National at all but a group ostensibly apolitical.

Well, well, well, where do they go now? Interesting isn't it when a very closed Christian organisation will spend their own money to ensure Labour does not get up. Explain that away Labour Leadership. Destiny NZ must be spinning that this money passed them by.

This just goes to show how pissed off the electorate, of all colours, is with Clark and Co. The only colours heading their way are their rainbow lunatic fringe social destructors - Carter, Kaiser, Tizard, Simpson, Beyer blah blah lot, the Greens and the Red Flag singers - Wood-Bargolias et al see Insolent Prick for a full list of the Labour unionists and others sucking on the public tit.

My predictions of a landslide - they just got better.

I was going to wonder what the Master Strategist Pete Hodgson was going to do now - but he is probably on the way to the cells he he. More on that later.

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