Monday, August 01, 2005

Sickly Schmaltzy Session on Campbell Live

Could not watch any longer the session on Campbell Live with Ahmed Zaoui the convicted terrorist chatting with his family via satellite link. I am sure Bin Laden's children/family would gush the same way. 99% of sons love their father - that is not news.

Campbell's script sought to put the best possible spin on the arduous life Zaoui has had fetching up in New Zealand on forged documents - now separated from his family. Self inflicted wounds if ever I saw them. There was no attempt by TV3 to discuss why Zaoui was deported from Switzerland, convicted in France and Belgium of terrorist offences...

Plenty of heavy and languid phrasing by commie Campbell himself - "the security certificate we have never been told the detail of...". "Zaoui was presented in Court in prison overalls..."

The obvious question remains unquestioned and unanswered - if Zaoui wanted to see his family he should and could jump on a plane and go see them. They are in South East Asia and last I knew all those countries were civilised and follow the rule of law. They should do 'cause Helen is busy signing them all up to FTA's.

Just as we are assimilating the information from London that the latest bombing terrorists did not fit the normal sketch of jihadists, but did arrive as refugees from Africa we roll out the red carpet to a man:
convicted of leading a terrorist organisation
from North Africa
is subject to a security risk certificate (the certificate intended - before Zaoui turned up and scored his rat bag lawyer mate Manning - to identify people our security services consider pose a significant security risk)
had forged documents....

Campbell Live gets Dork of the Year Award for lack of Objectivity.

Zaoui could be a refugee and a terrorist - think about it.

Some of the evidence Campbell did not publish
Hon MARGARET WILSON: Yes, the Solicitor-General referred the court to the Director of Security’s summary of allegations and reasoning in making the security risk certificate about Mr Zaoui. The director concluded that the activities of which he, Mr Zaoui, was convicted in Belgium and France were clandestine, deceptive, or threatened the safety of persons. The Swiss Government believed that his activity in Switzerland “had led to acts of violence, and even attacks, in Switzerland”, and that “Activities of this kind in New Zealand by Mr Zaoui, or by others attracted to New Zealand by his presence here, could threaten the safety of New Zealanders.”
In his submissions to the Supreme Court on Zaoui in December 2004, the Solicitor-General Terence Arnold noted:

Mr Zaoui is a foreign person who has a long record of involvement with foreign persons and foreign organisations including leadership. There is good reason to believe that any future activities he may undertake will be influenced by other foreign persons and or by foreign organisations.

The Swiss Government believed that his activity in Switzerland “may lead to acts of violence and even attacks in Switzerland”. Activities of this kind in New Zealand by Mr Zaoui, or by others attracted to New Zealand by his presence here could threaten the safety of New Zealanders.

These submissions are by a learned jurist.

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