Monday, August 01, 2005

PM's Motorcade averaged 128.5km per hour

The Crown Prosecutor has said in Court today the PM's motorcade AVERAGED 128.5 km per hour. This journey was for 96 minutes.

The PM shown on TV tonight saying she was not aware they were speeding "I was concentrating on what I was doing in the back actually"

There is only one response - Yeah Right

Feel sorry for the five police and one civvie driver who look like they will swing for the PM. It beggars belief to think they decided on their own to drive at those speeds.

ps what was she doing in the back?

Update: SageNZ has the links proving the PM was the "Senior British Officer" and hence at the top of the chain of command. She is also culpable for the speed of the convoy.

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Antarctic Lemur said...

Holy crap. That is fast.