Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Aegist, exclusionary and retarded thinking from Labour's candidate for Pakuranga

Michael Wood in his blog has written in the Comments section an incredibly wicked attack on older people in his blog. He suggests it is time for older people to move on with their lives and let younger people have a go.

I quote ...

Older right-wingers of the kind who post here clearly have guilt issues relating to the fact that their generation had entirely free taxpayer funded tertiary education and a well developed industry training framework. It's time to move on with your lives and let todays young people have a fair go.

This is a sickening attack on the generations ahead of Wood who have given him a country and freedoms he enjoys (including attacking the hand that feeds him).

Generally Woods' blog regurgitates press releases from his favourite cabinet minister. Now we know why he has no original posts - when he does post on his own he opens his mouth to change feet, to mix a metaphor/cliche or two.

It just goes to underscore that this generation of Labour MP's and candidates are only in it for what they can score for themselves. There is no sense of service, civic duty or service above self, it is all about entitlement.

It is my civic duty to ensure those voters over 40 in Pakuranga know their Labour candidate, Mr Michael Wood thinks they should step aside. But, and this is an important but, he wants them to continue paying taxes, so his generation can have a free for all with interest free loans.

Those of you in Pakuranga tell your mates.


Anonymous said...

Micheal Wood can little afford to alienate the voters in Pakuranga.

Wood may be interested in which shows approx. 45% of voters in Pakuranga are aged 45+. Whoops!

Another nieve Labour candidate, wet-behind-the-ears, and shooting off at the mouth without thinking.

He'll be lucky to beat the highly visible but misguided Steve Baron in Pakuranga pushing his BCIR barrow.

MitzieBitchie said... got me thinkin bout that huh?..catch me in my profile.. gimme some smart kick-ass comments sweetie!..

Cathy Odgers said...

I threw Wood a bone and gave him the best line of attack for Williamson --- this guy wanted to be with ACT. And was turned down.

The novice that Wood is he has not made capital of this or pushed Williamsons buttons publicly over.

Anonymous said...

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