Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Keep Up the Attack National

Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman has his own theory on why Labour is so keen on the waterfront option.

He says it is more about the "Clarkoseum" than anything. Like that, Clarkoseum.

With McCully and Brash coming late to the debate National are finally finding their cojones

Labour will wilt and die if National are relentless in the attack and stick to a few points.

Clark is away so keep up the momentum and she will freak out. Cullen is already charting another course and the Auckland Left are mostly behind Eden Park (and in any event not for the Clarkoseum).

The Points for today:
Mallard has been shown to be lying tonight with his underhand and frankly distasteful misuse of information regarding Eden Park. Not only hoist on his own petard, hung out by his own advisors - Fletcher executives.

Aucklanders generally are now deeply suspicious of what Labour are trying to do. People of all political shades know a stinking lie when they see one. They also don't take it lightly when threatened by punks from Wellington.

First Mallard meets with advisors in secret for two months then he gives all Aucklanders no information on the options but bullies and cajoles the pollies into a two week go/no go with the threat a No will send the rugby to the enemy Canterbury. How to lose support in Auckland 101.

The Clarkoseum now has only one supporter in Auckland politics - Dick Hubbard. The man who stuffed the V8s', stuffed Western Springs Speedway etc.

Hubbard is yesterday's man - his exhortations make him look even more dorkish than before. His sincerity is in question (remember the leap under the posts at Eden Park?).

The ARC have been completely dicked. The Government has cut their funding - they are powerless to resist Clark's siren calls. They want to have their mega regional roles reinstated. Clark has said they will get their bigger jobs back if they force Ports of Auckland (which ARC owns through a subsidiary) to relinquish the land she needs for the Clarkoseum.

Why do you think she has forced the regional Governance discussions on the Auckland region with a final decision by Christmas - another impossibly short deadline. Coincidental? Don't think so.

However, when you have lost everything you have nothing to lose. Lee and the rest of the ARC should just tell Clark to get nicked.

Jock Hobbs. What has happened to him? Completely emasculated. I think Clark's shock troops have told Hobbs that the Accident Compensation Corporation will go hard on rugby injuries if he doesn't bring his boys into line. A nod by the ACC CEO to his risk management team could double the premium overnight. ACC are eternally grateful to Clark and Dyson. She gave them the breath of life. Nothing would link to Clark. Something has happened with Hobbs and this ACC angle rings true with other conversations I have pieced together.

Just another example of why Clark has carefully suborned all the agent's of state - create ACC as a single government provider of accident/liability insurance - manage the police by ensuring all commissioners have been her men. The G-G is her man. etc. He could not sack her in a tea fogged haze. Anymore than he might find Thaito should be removed from parliament. Helen gave him this wonderful job....

There you go National - several points of attack - relentless force. Go to it. The battle is yours to win.

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