Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Weird Sect for Clark to Cashier

To stay true to herself and her party Clark should be pillorying this weird, self-centred, narrow minded group of activists and nutters. For the record, they are the Royal NZ Forest and Bird Society ( - well known for their extreme views and constant criticism of Government Ministers and Policy

Have a look at the lineup of media releases so far this year. Many are directed at hapless Government Ministers.

Better still look at the weirdo in the photo. Purple shirt, bearded, well befitting a virulent sect. (apologies to Pres Peter Maddison)

Heaven knows how much money they have scored from the Government - their Annual Report of four pages total is beyond paucity.

This weird sect looks like a Friendly Society to me - guess with their charitable status Clark will shut them down too.

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