Tuesday, December 06, 2005

PPTA Shows Unedifying Bias

The PPTA have criticised Allan Peachey for the inappropriate comments he made in an email. Comments Peachey has accepted were inappropriate AND he has apologised unreservedly. Remember this was an exchange between two adults

Contrast that with Benson-Pope - absolute and deafening silence from the PPTA regarding the inappropriate behaviour by a teacher. The PPTA have made no comment. We can take from the silence the PPTA accepts bullying and thuggery (of children in his care), lying and cheating as behaviours acceptable - but the PPTA don't accept a post script on an email between clear (and adult) adversaries.


Anonymous said...

This is rubbish. There is no need for Allan Peachey to be an adversary of any school principal. Surely you are not surprised about PPTA's preference for government - the National Party has been bagging them for years. The tradition of Merv Wellington and Lockwood Smith lives on.

Anonymous said...

Also the apology was with reservations. He was sorry the email was sent, but he did not explain what he meant. Nor did he say he would cease his harrassment. And if you read the newspapers he hasn't. Deserves a long drop on the National list.