Monday, December 05, 2005

Benson-Pope is a Disgrace

Last week we understood Benson-Pope was seeking to have 'personal details' removed from the Police file that found a prima facie case of assault against the bullying teacher.

This morning after denials and U-turns Benson-Pope's office admit he (yes, Benson-Pope himself) leaked sections of the file to selected media - long before the file itself was released.

This is disgraceful conduct by a Cabinet Minister. He should go. In a British Cabinet he would not make lunch time.

The plan was to hope no-one read the whole thing. No chance now. He is a lame duck and the dogs are circling. Clark is showing extremely poor judgment by continuing to support him. The spin this weekend was run out of her office.

We now know why Benson-Pope and Clark sought to hold the file the back - they wanted to control absolutely, the roll-out of a Police file. They really do think there is one law for Labour Ministers and one for the rest of us. Speeding, painting, bullying, assault - whatever.

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