Saturday, October 22, 2005

Snap Poll Thumbs Down to MMP and Peters in Government

The NZ Herald has published a snap poll with a narrow majority in favour of Clark's Government with NZ First and United Future - 50% said yes and 40.2% unhappy.

More interestingly 47% of those polled said MMP had not worked well this election and 56% believe the economy will suffer as a result of the Government having to make good on election promises.

The Honeymoon is over guys - before it even started.

Parliment this time around will be fantastic - National, almost level pegging Labour on numbers (and hence resources) with vim and vigour through renewal and new growth up against the tired and worn out Labour machine with equally uninspiring and deadwood in NZ First and United Future. The Greens will be irrelevant - they so want to be in Government with Helen and will not fit or foot the role of loyal opposition well. In any event Helen has bought them off with speaker-lite roles - poodled.

Bring it on.

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