Monday, December 04, 2006

New Zealand Asked for Armed Support by Fijian PM

I wonder if this is what has happened and Clark has joined Qarase to try to bluff Bainimarama?

If this request was made - and it is more than possible as under the Pacific Forum protocols any member Government can respond to a request by another Pacific Forum member and send in the Army.

As Clark and her peacenik mates have spent the past 7 years dismembering the NZ armed forces, New Zealand could do nothing to help Fiji. Absolutely nothing. She is left with jaw-jaw.

New Zealand has limited blue water strike capacity and capability, no air strike capability and almost no heavy lift capability at all. Even assuming those things don't matter the NZ Army could not mount an operation to do anything safely. The rule of thumb is to mount a force that is 3:1 in your favour. With the RFMF having a standing army of 4,000+ NZ would need to oppose the Fijian forces with at least 12,000 men. That is more than our total men under arms.

This is an appalling state of affairs - not that we cannot oppose a force in Fiji - heaven forbid we ever wanted to. What is appalling is NZ as a senior partner in the South Pacific cannot fulfill any decent defense obligation at all in support of its nearest and dearest. Hence Bainimarama's confidence.

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