Friday, July 08, 2005

What is it with the Left?

Blogging on the London atrocity, Bloggreen says it is not who did it but why they did it. What a load of shit.

Whoever is responsible and let's have them in the general category of Islamofascists are hell bent on changing the world as we know it; the world that tolerates the sort of crap people like Bloggreen write.

Earlier he blogged on the "fantastic protest" going on in Gleneagles against the Police.

Well let me say this - last night we saw the finest Police force(s) in the world going about their business professionally, effectively and without fuss. Watching it Live I could not help but think how impressive and understated the various agencies were working. Fantastic.

A complete reality check for the Leftie nonsense from Bloggreen, who seems to have a problem identifying who the bad guys are:

Here for you to see is his ptolemaic, cliche ridden and frankly sickening 'prose'.

"...While we hear fuck all of what's going on over there (G8) through our media, bar some stories skimming over the issues being dealt with inside the meeting rooms. There is some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING resistance going on over there. The police have naturally been out in full force, riot squad gears, abusing powers, specifically targetting clearly-marked medics and generally playing the role of state funded corporate security guards...."

Is this guy on the same planet as the rest of us - Abusing powers, Police targetting medics? Puhleaze?

Yep, bloggreen the "state funded corporate security guards" did a marvellous job last night and they'll be doing the same today and tomorrow.

Isn't that blogger and all of his ilk are just lucky we live in a "benign security environment".....not sure we could mount an eighth of the response of the Met in similar circumstances. Worrying really.


Kakariki said...

a) I'm a she not a he
b) I would consider randomly picking people off the street to grab their details just by appearance abuse of power. And medics were targetted, there are PLENTY of reports of this going on.
c) fuck off with your assumptions and generalisations.

Too Right said...

Thanks for the comment - sorry I chose your gender incorrectly. I made a wrong guess.

I re-read your blog on the G8 and I think you have added the links to indymedia. Not sure I am convinced on the medic front yet. Talk about generalisations...

I think my blog stands - the Police and related agencies (para)medics were spectacular last night in London.

You must agree, the protesters in Scotland went looking for trouble - trouble was trouble was brewing in London. Even the posters on indymedia say that.

It is preposterous to suggest the Police in Scotland started attacking people for no reason. Certainly the footage I saw showed random acts of mindless violence by the protesters. With the huge media presence in Gleneagles/Scotland are you seriously suggesting there is essentially a conspiracy to present a different picture to the world by the entire MSM? Renta-mob needs to move on from rumour to fact.

I saw people smashing cars and vans? How is that solving poverty? Reading the posts in indymedia, posters using 70's language like 'pigs' and 'do a SUMMIT Pig today' etc to describe actions in Perthshire looks faintly ridiculous in light of where we find ourselves now. Certainly those posts are written as challenges to the Police. Last time I read that sort of stuff was in Bugliosi's book "Helter Skelter" on the Manson murders....I thought we had all grown up.