Thursday, June 23, 2005

To Tour or not to Tour?

The ironies with the Black Caps are palpable. To a man (as opposed to bloke) every Minister in the Labour Government would have been on the streets opposing the Springbok Tour in 1981 - that Tour was meat and veg to the Left. Now, with a regime in Zimbabwe as vicious and undemocratic as any anywhere ever, the New Zealand Ministers are strangely muted. Easy to throw stones when white guys are oppressing black guys eh? Not quite so easy to reconcile when the aggressor and oppressor is black, picking on black, white and brindle and is a former darling. Oh, don't you wish you had lifted the scales from your eyes 25 years ago, Chris, Helen and Co? Cat got your tongue Trevor, Helen, Steve? Mugabe was an unconscionable prick then and he is worse now. One man's terrorist, another's freedom fighter I heard you all once say. Once a Murderer always a murderer.

The Government is not without tools in their tool kit. They could as the Indian Government did with their cricketers, tell NZ Cricket not to tour - work via SPARC to hold up funding to elite/performance sports teams - or, do nothing.

I am equivocal on the tour - I don't give a rat's about the fines. It's only money. I do give huge rat's about giving any encouragement at all to Mugabe. I therefore think it would be great to take the field and the moment Mugabe or any of his goons show up, leave the pitch and stay on the boundary 'till the stench shuffles off.

I suspect that would be bigger news worldwide than not touring.

We expect Leadership Helen, like you demanded 24 years ago of Muldoon. Where is (Judge) Phil Recordan now?

Something is rotten in the State of....

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